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10 advantages of using Access Floor or Technical floor

Here are 10 reasons why raised access floors are preferred over conventional floor fillers:

1. "Flexibility in design": Raised floors allow for a wide variety of layouts and configurations, making them ideal for environments where frequent changes in space layout are needed, such as offices or data centers.

2. "Ease of access to cables and services": Raised floors provide a space below the floor that allows the passage and concealment of electrical, data and other service cables, making them easier to access for maintenance and repairs.

3. "Improved Cable Management": By hiding cables under the floor, visible clutter in the work area is reduced, improving aesthetics and reducing the risk of tripping and damage.

4. "Improved airflow and cooling": In environments where good ventilation and cooling is required, such as server rooms, raised floors allow for more efficient airflow, helping to keep equipment and systems at optimal temperatures.

5. "Sound insulation": Raised floors can improve sound insulation by providing a barrier between floors, helping to reduce noise transmitted from one floor to another.

6. "Durability and strength": Raised floors are designed to withstand heavy loads and resist wear and tear caused by constant traffic, making them ideal for commercial and high-traffic environments.

7. "Ease of installation and maintenance": Installation of raised floors is relatively simple and quick compared to other types of floor coverings, and its modular design makes it easy to replace damaged panels or make modifications to the system.

8. “Building Management Systems (BMS) Compatibility”: Raised floors can be easily integrated with building management systems to control access, lighting, HVAC, and other aspects of the built environment.

9. "Energy efficiency": By facilitating access to structured wiring and ventilation systems, raised floors can contribute to energy efficiency by allowing the installation of more efficient lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems and easy to control.

10. “Long-term added value”: Although they may initially cost more than conventional floor fills, raised floors can offer greater long-term value due to their durability, flexibility, and ability to adapt to changing needs. from space.

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