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Project Consulting

​Make your dreams come true!

You have an idea for a Project but you don't know how to make it concrete. Our Consulting service consists of providing you with all the information and tools necessary for the development of your construction and/or furniture idea, such as: laws, regulations, associated preliminary costs, processing routes, required documentation , feasibility, accessibility, etc. Our long experience in a variety of commercial, residential and office projects allows us to guarantee savings in time and money, avoiding unnecessary expenses and fines due to lack of information. We present our services in architectural representation to facilitate visualization through 3D models where you can explore and evaluate a diversity of shapes and colors without incurring costly tests or loss of materials due to last-minute changes .

Imagen modelo de gitarq para Asesoria de Proyectos
Imagen Oficina Gitarq Carrasquilla
RENDER 02 Apto San Francisco
RENDER 03 Apto San Francisco
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