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Our history

We are a family business with strong values, where quality and efficiency are our flag, with a clear objective: "to make our clients' dreams come true."

GITARQ is a family business established in Panama in 2011, which arises from the vision of the couple of Architects Giovanni Germino and Tashy Huerta de Germino to " work for a better Panama ", both graduates of the prestigious Central University of Venezuela (UCV). ), with extensive work experience that ranges from the development of residential, industrial, commercial design projects to urban planning projects, we have an ideal multidisciplinary team where we develop renovations, adaptations, real estate promotion, graphic design, furniture and interior design.

The name GITARQ arises from the abbreviation of the initials of the names of its founders G iovanni and T ashy Arq uitectos.

imagen de Giovanni Gerente General

"...challenges keep our creativity constantly growing."

  Architect Giovanni Germino


imagen de tashy Directora de proyectos

"... the color in the design brightens the soul of the one who inhabits it."

  Architect Tashy Huerta

Project Manager

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